Races, Cultures and Geography

Last update: 05/28/2017

This article was not intended to offend anyone, just refute myths spread by the West.



  •  “Asia” and “Europe” are completely meaningless concepts and the term “Asian” is, among other things, racist.
  • There are only 6 or 7 races, 6 continents and currently only 3 cultural spheres.
  • The concept of “Europe” was invented to the North “Europeans” steal part of the Mediterranean culture.
  • The result of this brainwashing is that many people in the world do not know whether they are white, brown or yellow. Western or Eastern. European or Asian etc.
  • There is no direct connection either to race or culture between East Asians(neo-Mongoloid) and Austronesians, Southeast Eurasians are closer to Indians.
  • “Middle Easterns” who are called “Asians” in some western countries are in fact whites and westerners.
  •  The cradle of the whole West is the region that they call “Asia” or “Middle East”, the Eastern Mediterranean.
  •  The current dominant race of “Europe” is a historically primitive people, without its own history, culture or civilization. The educated white racists know this, that is why they distort history, to steal the Mediterranean culture and to hide that other people are historically superior.


Some “supremacists” know that reality is against them. Even Hitler admitted that supremacist propaganda was only to reverse the inferiority complex that the Germans had. But unlike the Nazis(who were not whites supremacists but Nordicists), what white “supremacists” did was to distort the story so that it fits into the “whites supremacist”.

This article was made to clarify basic things about our world, about race, culture and continent. Starting with race:


There are only 6 or 7 races, other would be the Capoid race(AKA: Khoisan), but there are controversies about this. And as you can see, there is no such thing as “Asian race”, Filipinos are so “Asians” as natives of Madagascar. Berbers, Arabs, Iranians(Aryans) and Levantines are in fact White because they are Caucasoid and White mean Caucasoid, there is no scientist who disagrees with this, absolutely none.

This map was based on the classification of Johann Friedrich Blumenbach, with the addition of the Australoid race that is different from Black Africans:

mapa racial atual4.jpg

The color terminology is just a representation. There are no people who are truly white or yellow, except those who have some kind of disease such as albinism or hepatitis.


About macroculture, basically there are only 3 pillars, which give rise to all other cultures:

Cultural pillar3Due to Christian and Islamic expansionism, most of the world already follows the same culture, which is the Abrahamism. And the so-called “Middle Easterns” are in fact Westerns.

Judaism, Christianity and Islam are not completely different religions as many people think, they are just branches of the same religion. Who share several things in common as origin, creator god, creation myth, heaven and hell, deities etc. Classify Abrahamic religions as completely different makes as much sense as classify Lutheranism and Pentecostalism as different cultures.

Another more detailed but in my opinion contains some flaws is this, from the book The Myth of Continents: A Critique of Metageography (Martin W Lewis)


The Myth of Continents: A Critique of Metageography (Martin W Lewis)


The most obvious distortions and the same time the least commented:

There is no separation between “Europa” and “Asia”, both form a single continent called Eurasia. So why they did this separation? For the article does not get too big, I will try to summarize why this is wrong.

The reasons they say are:

  • Historical reasons, the Herodotus map.
  • Cultural reasons(Christians vs. Non-Christians).
  • And an argument that “Europe” is a peninsula big enough to be called a continent.
  1. What Herodotus meant by Europe, Asia and Africa, was only sides of the Ecumene(the known world around the Mediterranean) separated by water. He never said that there was racial or cultural distinction between Europeans, Asians and Africans. The only distinction he made was with North-Europeans to whom they were described as barbarians and racially inferior. However, these terms were never used until the 18th century, when they saw the need to differentiate imperialist Christians from other peoples who would be colonized. Moreover, names of regions or directions exist by the thousands in all cultures, but all have been abandoned except this which by coincidence is compatible with the Christian-centric vision.
  2. Like I said, Christian-centric vision. As if non-Christian formed some kind of culture or ethnicity.
  3. Peninsula definition: an area of land almost completely surrounded by water except for an isthmus connecting it with the mainland.

    “Europe” is not considered peninsula by any serious geographer.  There are controversies about what defines a continent, but something that is practically consensus is: To be considered continent, its necessary to have its own tectonic plate and be separated by water for the most part. “Europe” does not meet any of these criteria.

But that does not explain everything. What is the real motivation behind these lies?

Simple, as you will see next, the current dominant race in “Europe” is a people with no history, no own civilization or culture. But at the same time they have an instinct of blind pride and dishonesty that makes them want to modify history to sustain that pride, reflected in their “supremacist” religion.


We know that the world has changed a lot since ancient history, mainly because of Western imperialism(Christian and Muslim). Then how the world really was organized in ancient history? To answer this I created this simple map and table:



Cultural Sphere Race Subrace Cultural Pillar Cradle
1 Mediterranean Caucasoid Mediterranid Abrahamism Mesopotamia

and Nile river

2 Indosphere Australoid +


Diverse Dharmic religions Indus river
3 Sinosphere Mongoloid Sinid Confucianism Yellow river
4 Northwest Eurasia Caucasoid Mostly Teutonic and Alpinid Paganism Nomads
5 Northeast Eurasia Mongoloid Tungid Tengrism Nomads

As you can see, there is no such thing as “Eastern” or “Western civilization”, at least not as we use the word today.

No doubt the civilization that most changed and consequently was most distorted was the Mediterranean Civilization, and here is an important part of the history that no historian, whether right or left, will never tell you: AFTER THE INVASIONS OF THE BARBARIAN TRIBES, THE WHOLE MEDITERRANEAN WAS ALMOST COMPLETELY MODIFIED.

Let me explain. During the period known in the Mediterranean as Barbarian Invasions(In the North dishonestly called only as “Migration Period“). The Germanics not only migrated to the North of the Mediterranean(the “South Europe”), but also massacred and raped thousands of Mediterraneans. Then the northern Mediterranean was partially replaced by the “northern Europeans” and they became Germanized.

Not to mention the blue-eyed blond slaves who were captured mainly by the Greeks and Romans, who were later freed without deportation, happened to blacks in the Americas.

On the other side, the South and East of the Mediterranean were also invaded by nomadic tribes, but this time from the South, by the real Arabs. These original Arabs are neither Mediterranean(geographically speaking) nor Mediterranid(race) but Arabid:

Besides the miscegenation, both Germanic and Arab tribes imposed part of their customs on the original Mediterranean. This means that the Northern Mediterranean became Germanized, and the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean were Arabized.

However, the Mediterranean race still exists, and it is easier for a common “South European” to pass as a native in North Africa than in Scandinavia, and the “European culture(Christianity)” was invented in the “Asia”, more precisely in the Levant region(Eastern Mediterranean). So, despite these events, say that there is a European race or culture simply does not make sense.

About linguistics. For me and for several other race-realist this “science” is irrelevant for 3 reasons:

  • Is very well documented that it has been distorted several times to fit with racist ideologies. For example, when the Finns were poor, and suffered discrimination from their neighbors, Swedish racists tried to classify the Finnish language as being close to the Mongolian language, something that is a mockery to this day. And that’s a joke even today. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pseudoscientific_language_comparison
  • Contradictions. Indians would be more “European” than the Hungarians, Basques, Welsh etc.
  • Meme. Language you learn and teach. Black Americans speak English, but they are not Anglo-Saxons.

The same about genetics. Many whites are classified as almost completely black, identical twin classified as of different races, and haplogroups of “europe” are found more often in non-“European” peoples(eg: Chadic are 40.6% R1b, Germans 23.3%. Kyrgyz(Turkic) are 63.5% R1a, while Russians are 48.3%). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Y-DNA_haplogroups_by_ethnic_group
And the “Europeans” are still genetically different from each other so that criterion also cannot be used.


Now about Asia, where the distortion becomes more obvious:

According western ESBOCO3



Conclusion: The division Asia and Europe makes no sense whether in race, culture or geography. This division was created by Western barbarians without own civilization to steal part of the Mediterranean civilization. And the term “Asian” is a racist form of generalization.


Other maps for comparison:

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