Sorry Filipinos, you Austronesians are not “Asians”

NOTE: To understand this article, you need to read Races, Cultures and Geography.

About Austronesians(AKA: Malay/Brown race), the race from Southeast Eurasia. They are:
– Genetically identical to Negritos.
– Have different skull shape.
– Different dental arch.
– Are adapted to tropical forest while Mongoloids are for Mammoth Steppe.
– Dark skinned.

So why some people insists on calling them Mongoloid or “Asian”?

It remember me Orientalism by Edward W. Said, when he realized that white christians(Europeans) portrayed whites muslim(Arabs) with Indian features with the intention of creating an image that they are racially and culturally distinct.¬† But this time they dont want to differentiate Muslims from Christians, just generalize what they call ‘Asians’.


“Jungle Asians” – Really?? What is the next, Monkey Asians?? Cockroaches Asians? Worm Asians?

So please, Filipinos, Thais, Indonesians, etc., when you go to prostitute and humiliate yourselves, stop calling yourselves “Asians”, stop being transracial(As if transsexual are not enough), AND STOP WANTING TO SHARE YOUR PROBLEMS WITH EAST ASIANS. You’re just Niggitas of the jungle(worsened version of the Niggas)!!!


You descend from a people called Negritos, and are only partially mixed with paleo or proto-Mongoloids. Your IQ is smaller than the Latinos, and your brain smaller than some Blacks.

filipino history

Stupid Filipino meme, as if someone are proud to be “pure Filipino.” ps: Its missing Arabs.

In comparison, it would make more sense to Ethiopians calling themselves Nordic than Filipinos and other Austronesians trying to pass as East Asian, at least Ethiopians and Nordics have the same skull shape, are genetically more similar and have more common ancestors(Ethiopians and other peoples from the Horn of Africa have already been classified as Caucasoids by the Westerners themselves, and modern science has proved that they are descendants of Caucasoids who have returned to Africa).

austronesians contamination2.jpg


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