The Truth About Half Asians and Race Mixing

As most of the readers of this blog probably know, white racist men are obsessed with mingling with Asians to improve their race(as themselves say), but children of WMAF are very different from AMWF. The first(with white father) are degenerate and various mental problems, the second(Asian father) are successful especially compared to their parents.
mix results4

A list with almost 700 samples:
The only degenerates half-Asians with an “Asian” father are actually Filipinos, part of the Austronesian race, not Mongoloid. And there are several other examples of cases that prove children of AMWF are far superior to children of WMAF.



The reasons most cited for this difference are:

List of White “Supremacists” marrying Asian Women (Most are Austronesians, but they think they belong to the same race as East Asians.):


Besides, I would like to make another observation. Natural selection in the Sinosphere was done in an inverse way than among Teutonic tribes (who later invaded the South and became the dominant race in “Europe”).

In the Sinosphere it was required that only the man be successful, after that they could have one wife and infinite comcubins. This means that the best men reproduced more and not only with the best women but also with sluts who were just prostitutes.

In the West it was the opposite. The North European(Teutonic) women have always been considered superior to their men, by both North European men and by Mediterranean neighbors. They held leadership positions on tribal and spiritual issues, and during the wars against the Mediterranean whenever the Teutonic men lost the battle they fled cowardly leaving their wives and children behind. Most were captured to be sex slaves in the Mediterranean(and that was how light pigmentation began to appear more often there), but many knowing that they would have this cruel destiny fought to the death to defend their children and themselves, or committed suicide to protect honor(Something that also happened in the Sinosphere, but among men).

The New Face of Self-hating

Particularly I think all these theories are right. But there is something that no one seems to notice yet. What happens to these degenerate WMAF that are the mixture of psychopathy and racism of white men with self-hatred of asian sluts?



I’m sorry racist white men with yellow fever, but you are creating the largest anti-white army ever seen.


The Hypocrisy of Insecure White Guys

White male logic:
> Nonwhites with white women are losers who want to improve their race and become white.
> White men with Asian women is ok because Asians are smarter and have more values.
> White women with Asian men are race traitors, miscegenation is bad and blah blah blah.




And the “chosen people” act in the same way:

In Israel, Chinese workers forced to sign no-sex contract:

But the Jews males are allowed to improve their genepool with Asian sluts:

Edit (06/15/2017):

Ligers and Tigons

Genetic problems due to hybridization also occur with animals. In the case of the mixing of tigers and lions both mistures have genetic problems due to the distance between the two species, but their problem is quite different and resembles the case of the so-called “HAPAS (term I dont like due to generalization many races under the name of Asiatic-Pacific)”. While Liger’s(Lion + Tigress) problem is in the fact of growing infinitely, the Tigon(Tiger + Lioness) has problems that resembles WMAF half-Asians, such as depression and aggression.


Although the tiger is usually associated with Asia for obvious reasons, the sociobiological aspects of the East Asians are more similar to that of the Lion, while the Teutonic woman resembles tigress.

As I said, the evolutionary pressure in the East was on man only, after he became successful he could reproduce with the amount of cumcubines that was proportional to his success, exactly as it happens with lions and his lionesses. While the tigress had to evolve to be independent and strong defend her offspring alone against other tigers, just as the Teutonic women abandoned by their own men had to defend their children from the Mediterranean slavers.

Although genetics may explain the disparity between AMWF and WMAF half-Asians, how the hell is the mixing between a racist psychopath and a slut with self hatred who will discriminate against his own children can give a positive result?