Refuting white supremacy

East vs Rest.

A basic comparison between East Asians and Whites. The first step to redpill the East Asians brainwashed by the media and western propaganda.

1) IQ by Country

iq map detalhado atualizado

2) Overall comparison: Negroid, Caucasoid and Mongoloid:

comparacao triracial2 iq modificado

The IQ in this chart was adjusted because in the original Blacks are with 85 IQ and Whites 100, because only African-Americans(who are mixed) and Whites with Germanic origin were measured.


3) At individual level: The 3 most intelligent people in the world are East Asians.

top 3 most intelligent man in the world


4) Historically:

There is no effective and reliable way of measuring which civilization was most advanced, but there is a common census among people who really understand history, including Hitler:

The Political Testament of Adolf Hitler

In addition to recognizing that East Asians are historically superior, Hitler also admitted that the origin of the myth of “white supremacy” is the inferiority complex.

Also, people who understand world history know that these regions are historically the most important:

center of civilization3

Note: White liars love to say that they created civilization, more specifically the Nordic sub-race, which is a ridiculous lie that can be refuted with a fucking Wikipedia:

In fact, these barbarians lived primitive until the 11th century. They suffered racism and were enslaved throughout history by the Mediterranean as Romans.


That is why they need to lie so much, to the point of creating hilarious fantasies like “hyperborean civilization”

Others indicatives: (The West only surpassed China in the 19th century)

Recommended reading:

5) Present – Innovation

6) Future – Projection:

economic center

“The problem with imperialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”

Conclusion: East Asians scientifically proven more intelligent and civilized in general. The East(China) has at least 4,000 years of history being the most advanced civilization in the world, the western golden age has only 2 centuries, and will be overcome again soon.

The “white supremacy” as well as the inferiority complex of many East Asians has no basis in this world.




That’s how the West got rich:


Anyone who thinks the West has some kind of merit must think that thieves, killers and swindlers are the best people in society.